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Federal Prosecution Trends in Washington (NW Lawyer)

In their article, Federal Prosecution Trends in Washington, for the November edition of NW Lawyer, Patrick J. Preston, McKay Chadwell member, and D. Jack Guthrie, McKay Chadwell associate, comment on the prosecution trends, from drugs to immigration, in Washington State's federal districts. 

"Although there are approximately 4,500 federal crimes, around 80% of federal prosecutions involve one of four categories that typically implicate interstate conduct or national monetary or security concerns: drugs, immigration, firearms, and fraud."

"While a statistical pie may be sliced many different ways, Washington’s federal prosecutors are demonstrably continuing to fight the national war on drugs, indict recidivist illegal immigrants, and pursue armed felons. Whether those priorities shift over time to get tough on other offense categories, such as white-collar crime or environmental enforcement, will depend upon the ever-changing executive branch, including U.S. attorney appointments after the presidential election and evolving agency directives."

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Source: Patrick J. Preston and D. Jack Guthrie for NW Lawyer, November 2016 Edition.