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Mike McKay Comments on President Trump's Immigration Executive Order (King 5 News)

Mike McKay, a McKay Chadwell member and former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, was recently interviewed by King 5’s Natalie Brand about President Trump’s Executive Order that threatens to strip federal grant money from Seattle and other “sanctuary” cities.  

“Instead of issuing executive orders, and expecting the cities to fall into line, it requires a lot of work and collaboration like previous administrations did,” McKay said, recalling his relationship and collaboration with the city of Seattle when he served decades ago.”

“The real power does lie locally and should be, and the federal government should be empowering the local governments to do what everyone agrees should be done. There’s a difference of opinion right now, and an executive order from Washington DC isn’t going to change that.”

Click the King 5 News article to watch the full interview.

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Source: Natalie Brand, King 5 Political Reporter