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Mike McKay calls on FBI director to clarify Clinton email probe (Q13 FOX)

Former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay was recently interviewed by Q13 Fox, regarding FBI Director Comey's probe of Hillary Clinton's emails.

"McKay told 'Q13 News This Morning' that while he believes Clinton would make a 'horrible' president, she has a right to the same protections as everyone else." 

"If you're investigated by the federal government, they will not let that fact be known unless and until you should be charged - and that's when it becomes public," McKay said. "Because a lot of innocent people are investigated and those people should not have their reputation harmed simply because they're being investigated. All of us are innocent until proven guilty, including Hillary Clinton."

Click the Q13 Fox article to watch the interview. 

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Source: Brandi Kruse, Q13 News special projects correspondent.