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Mike McKay Weighs in on Supreme Court Nominee Judge Gorsuch (Q13 Fox News)

McKay Chadwell member and Former U.S. Attorney, Mike McKay, shared his insights on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Federal Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch, with Q13 Fox News. Regarding Judge Gorsuch, McKay stated that

“Of all the names that have been speculated about over the past several weeks, he’s the closest to the Justice he’d be replacing, Justice Scalia. He is an originalist like Justice Scalia was and that is the legal theory of looking at the actual language of the constitution and interpreting it as it is written, not as they might have intended or what it might mean today. So if President Trump wanted to replace Justice Scalia, this is the closest judge that he could find.” 

Watch the full interview on Q13 Fox News below.

Source: Q13 Fox News