Corporate Internal Investigations

McKay Chadwell Attorneys Conduct Internal Investigations for Private, Public, and Municipal Corporations

Our extensive civil and criminal litigation experience makes us ideally suited to conduct internal investigations. 

McKay Chadwell attorneys draw upon decades of experience prosecuting and defending companies and their officers in criminal, administrative, and regulatory matters. We work with forensic experts, auditors, and in-house counsel to identify issues, structure investigative plans, review records, conduct interviews, and analyze information to prepare reports of investigation and provide advice to companies concerning remedial plans, including the development or revisions of corporate compliance programs. 

We have handled sensitive investigations involving anti-money laundering programs, alleged Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance, to name a few areas. We also frequently provide advice and representation to companies that are the victims of fraud, cybercrimes, or data breaches by facilitating appropriate law enforcement responses and crafting improvements to policies and procedures. 

While internal investigations remain confidential, we are privileged to have served as legal counsel for the Special Investigative Team, which was created to conduct an internal investigation of the Port of Seattle’s contracting policies. Our report is available here.

McKay Chadwell attorneys provide legal counsel for businesses, executives, and healthcare professionals throughout Washington. We are accessible and client-focused. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation on your legal matter.

McKay Chadwell represents corporations, corporate officers, and individuals facing government allegations of civil or criminal misconduct. We also assist individuals, corporations, and corporate officers in other civil disputes.

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