Healthcare Provider Defense

Our Lawyers Successfully Represent Medical Professionals Accused of Misconduct

We Represent Licensed Healthcare Professionals at Every Level of Disciplinary Proceedings

We regularly work with the DEA, USAO, local prosecutors, and DOH, uniquely positioning our firm to provide a vigorous defense in diversion investigations, DEA civil and administrative cases, federal and state criminal charges, and DOH licensing matters—matters that frequently overlap. 

When the government accuses a healthcare provider of a crime or professional misconduct, one’s liberty, livelihood, and license are at risk. Our experienced team of former government attorneys is ready to fight for our clients’ rights on each front.

McKay Chadwell's Comprehensive Representation Minimizes Risk and Generates Excellent Results 

In our representation of healthcare providers, we regularly encounter DEA and DOH scrutiny of prescribing practices, especially in the medical field of pain management. We assist providers in navigating the Controlled Substances Act, DEA registration issues, HIPAA, and complex regulatory schemes to avoid costly and severe penalties that in some cases did not exist even a decade ago.

We provide advice and representation to defend alleged Medicare, Medicaid and insurance fraud, diversion, and sexual misconduct, allegations that have been vigorously investigated by the government. When these allegations impact a provider’s license or DEA registration, we provide vigorous representation in those administrative licensing proceedings.

McKay Chadwell attorneys provide legal counsel for businesses, executives, and healthcare professionals throughout Washington. We are accessible and client-focused. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation on your legal matter.

McKay Chadwell represents corporations, corporate officers, and individuals facing government allegations of civil or criminal misconduct. We also assist individuals, corporations, and corporate officers in other civil disputes.

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