State & Local Criminal Defense

Experienced Lawyers to Represent Businesses and Clients Accused of Criminal Wrongdoing

Representing Clients in Violent and White Collar Cases

State and local charges threaten an individual not only with a conviction and time in jail or prison, but also harm to employment security, educational advancement, economic welfare, and reputation. Given these high stakes, our experienced team of former prosecutors is dedicated to protecting each client’s liberty and livelihood from the broad punitive consequences that can result from a state criminal investigation and prosecution.

We defend clients under investigation for felony and misdemeanor offenses, including:

  • serious crimes against persons and property
  • complex criminal fraud
  • juvenile crimes
  • substance abuse matters

We represent clients in highly regulated industries, such as:

  • firearms dealers
  • healthcare providers
  • prescription drug dispensers
  • marijuana distributors and retailers authorized under Washington law

When criminal charges are pending, we provide a vigorous defense to the prosecutor’s case. 

Leading Comprehensive Defense Investigations to Minimize Exposure and Generate Leverage for Our Clients 

We strongly encourage potential clients to consult with us as soon as they become aware of any issue involving criminal exposure or an investigation. It is critical to understand one’s constitutional rights and how defense counsel can work to prevent the filing of criminal charges. Successful outcomes often result from early intervention with law enforcement or the prosecutor, prompt investigation, and thorough defense preparation.

Representing Clients Under Investigation by Law Enforcement

McKay Chadwell also represents corporate and individual victims of state and local law violations. We work with our clients to properly preserve evidence, seamlessly interface with government investigators, and effectively persuade law enforcement to pursue appropriate charges against the criminal actor. We further assist clients in pursuing injunctive relief and claims for restitution in related proceedings.

Whether there is a criminal investigation or charges have already been filed, we welcome the opportunity to meet and provide a consultation.

McKay Chadwell attorneys provide legal counsel for businesses, executives, and healthcare professionals throughout Washington. We are accessible and client-focused. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation on your legal matter.

McKay Chadwell represents corporations, corporate officers, and individuals facing government allegations of civil or criminal misconduct. We also assist individuals, corporations, and corporate officers in other civil disputes.

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