Environmental Litigation

Counseling Corporations and Individuals Accused of Violating Environmental Protection Laws 

Environmental regulatory compliance matters may involve the risk of criminal charges for companies and corporate officers, a threat of significant economic harm to their companies and personal finances, and often the demanding standard of strict liability. 

We Work With Our Clients to Identify Potential Violations and Mitigate Future Exposure

We approach each environmental case ready to guard our clients against the magnitude of these compounding consequences. For the past 20 years, we have represented local, regional, and national companies, as well as corporate officers targeted by the EPA, USDA, and FDA, and Washington State agencies, such as DNR, in environmental investigations. 

Our work has involved investigations throughout Washington and in Alaska, and assisting counsel in other jurisdictions on diverse matters including:

  • asbestos abatement
  • ground water contamination cleanup
  • oil spills hazardous waste management

We Serve Clients Under Investigation by Both State and Federal Securities Regulators 

The successful resolution of these matters has turned on our skilled work and hard-earned reputation with the government to present credible and innovative solutions to regulatory and safety concerns regarding natural resources and environmental protection.

McKay Chadwell attorneys provide legal counsel for businesses, executives, and healthcare professionals throughout Washington. We are accessible and client-focused. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation on your legal matter.

McKay Chadwell represents corporations, corporate officers, and individuals facing government allegations of civil or criminal misconduct. We also assist individuals, corporations, and corporate officers in other civil disputes.

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