Healthcare Fraud

Representing Individual and Institutional Clients Accused of Healthcare Fraud

Our experienced healthcare fraud lawyers represent medical facilities such as hospitals, group practices, and medical professionals accused of fraud in a variety of healthcare settings. 

We have defended clients investigated by DOJ, HHS, and the state Attorney General’s Office for:

  • alleged anti-kickback violations
  • billing and coding fraud
  • False Claim Act violations
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • theft

We also represent healthcare providers who find themselves the subject of DEA investigations of prescription diversion and controlled substance record keeping violations, which may result in criminal charges and a licensing investigation by the DOH. 

Our understanding of public records law and individual privacy rights under state and federal law allows us, for example, to defend a client accused of a HIPAA violation as well as protect a client whose treatment records may be the subject of an investigation. 

Early Involvement by an Experienced Healthcare Fraud Attorney is Key

Early intervention and case preparation often provide the key to obtaining a decision by a prosecutor to not file charges, to building the foundation to defend a criminal proceeding, or to demonstrating good faith compliance for mitigation of fines and penalties. 

In addition to criminal defense, we protect our clients’ reputations and business and licensing interests in parallel administrative or regulatory proceedings.

McKay Chadwell attorneys provide legal counsel for businesses, executives, and healthcare professionals throughout Washington. We are accessible and client-focused. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation on your legal matter.

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